Do our chassis win features… DANG RIGHT! Do our customers win championships… YOU BETCHA!
Listed below are drivers that do it the “Dirt Track Supply” way…

Winners & Track Champions 2016

  • Nick Guthmiller– Feature wins in 2016
  • Todd Carter– Feature win in 2016
  • Jarrett Carter– Feature win in 2016
  • Blake Whitlock–2 feature wins in 2016
  • Andy Rossow- Feature win in 2016
  • Chad Becker–Multiple wins in 2016
  • Jeremy North–Feature Wins 2016
  • Trevor Anderson– 2 feature wins and Track championship
  • Kolten Young– Feature win

2016 Arrow Drivers

Trevor Anderson—Andy Rossow–Landon Davis–Caleb Yost–Tony Terril–

Ross Dixon–Doug Vanliere—Tyler Mcfarland–Arne Anderson–Nick Guthmiller–Kolten Young–Jesse Young–Kip Degroot–Ben Johnson