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Fuel and Line Maintenance

Now is a good time to get that carburetor rebuilt. If you do it yourself, make sure to clean the jets and all passages. Check to be sure the throttle shaft is moving freely and is free from any restrictions that might make it stick. A sticky throttle shaft is hard to detect when the carburetor is on the car with the throttle springs attached.

Remove, clean, and inspect the fuel tank and bladder once a year. This item, too, has a life and a manufacturer’s date stamped on the fuel cell. Most sanctioning bodies require using a fuel cell that is less than five years old from the date of manufacture. Check your rules.

The fuel filter should be replaced often. This is not a budget breaker and is good insurance in making sure adequate fuel is supplied to the engine.


Fuel lines, fuel tank, and fuel filters – Fuel lines can get hard and brittle over time. Rubber has a limited life span, and we should never push our luck on keeping our fuel lines around too long. If the budget allows, replace them every year. If you ever have problems with foreign matter entering the fuel tank, be sure to replace the fuel lines once the fuel tank has been cleaned out.