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Race Ready Scaling

Scaling A Race Car Properly

Race Ready

In order to scale your car properly it must be ready to go. For the most accurate results the car must be fully prepared. If it is not “race ready” then any changes that you make will have an effect on your final setup and what you have put in your notes. So, what do you need to have done to be “race ready”?

  • Fuel full
  • Radiator full
  • Oil tank full and motor ran or too much oil can be in the pan
  • Gear oil full
  • Transmission full
  • Power steering full
  • Lead bolted in
  • Stagger set
  • Tire pressure set
  • Camber set
  • Rear end square

When Scaling your car, these are critical for accurate scaling. If these are not done properly, scaling will be altered greatly when raced