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Maintain Rearend Effectivness

Rear end maintenance – The rear end must be maintained properly and, in many cases, often. Rear lube temperatures can be very high. This reduces the effectiveness of the lubricant and can help shorten the life of some of the internal components.

In a Detroit Locker-type rear end, the springs are the life of the system. High heat can weaken these springs, and if the rate decreases over time, the rear end will not lock up properly and only one wheel will end up driving the car off the turns. The handling goes away once this happens, and the crew often searches for a setup fix to no avail. If running this type of rear end, rate and/or replace these springs often. To neglect this critical area is to tempt fate. Many racers have lost out to differential springs that have gone bad.

For traction sensing types of rear ends, the many gears that work to sense torque in order for the system to function properly must be in good shape or the car will not handle properly and will be inconsistent off the corners. Often, replacement must be done for these small gears every three or four races, depending on the extent of heat and abuse. Contact the manufacturer for detailed information on proper maintenance.

Rear end lubricant coolers and circulatory systems can greatly increase the life of any rear end by keeping the temperatures down to levels that will not weaken the locker springs, reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant, or, in some cases, literally melt the aluminum gears.